GS1 (TZ) National Limited. provides bar code testing service to GS1 Tanzania subscribers.

Companies that are unsure if the bar codes printed on their packaging or labels can be scanned, should send the finished packaging/labels to GS1 (TZ) National Limited to be tested for free.

In order to give a more accurate result, it is recommended that the sample sent for verification is in its final retail packing form. If the sample is in its final retail form we would be able to take into consideration factors such as shrink wrap, blister pack, creases or seams.

For example a bar code on an empty pouch bag may be flat and is 100% scannable. However, when the pouch is filled with the contents, the bar code may be distorted and therefore may not be scannable.

The verification process takes a few days. A report on how good or bad the bar code is will be provided. We can recommend some improvements if the bar code cannot be scanned.

Do not wait until your product is rejected by a retailer because of the bar code.

Send your bar coded products to be tested.

Note: The verification is based on the sample given. If the conditions of the subsequent runs differ, the results may vary.

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